Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions

Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions

Q) It is your turn and you’ve picked up a tile from the wrong end of the wall. Now what?

A) You can put the tile back in the wall as long as you haven’t racked the tile or discarded.

Q) Can I Have Some Quick Strategy Tips?

A) Keep your Pairs – It’s harder to make a pair if you have only one tile than it is to make a Pung if... read more

Q) If you pick a discarded tile for Mahjongg, but put it in your hand before exposing, are you automatically dead?

A) Yes – You cannot put a discarded tile in your hand, it should always go on your rack.

Q) How many different versions of Mah Jongg are there?

A) Many people don’t realize that there are a wide variety of rules to Mah Jongg. Most people in North America play with “American” rules... read more

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