Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions

Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions

Q) I can’t find a rule that my group says is a rule. I’ve looked everywhere, even here and I can’t find it. Now what?

A) If you have looked everywhere and can’t find this rule written anywhere then it is simply NOT a rule.

Q) How should exposures be placed on the rack?

A) There is NO rule on how exposures should be placed on a rack. Some players place them in order as to the hand they... read more

Q) Why do the Flower tiles have numbers on them?

A) When playing Chinese Mah Jongg, the numbers match the seat positions of the players around the table. They have no meaning or purpose when... read more

Q) When a player says Mah Jongg out load and has won that game…do I have to pay her?

A) It all depends upon how your group is set up. Some groups play with money, so then you would have to pay. Some groups... read more

Q) My new Mah Jongg Set has blank tiles. What are they used for?

A) Most new sets have blank tiles. They are used as replacement tiles in case a tile gets damaged or lost.

Q) Why don’t Chinese sets have numbers on their tiles?

A) They do have numbers on each tile. It is just that the numbers are written in Chinese characters.

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