Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions

Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions


Q) When you expose tiles and place them on your rack, is there any reason to turn the tiles facing out to the other players rather than facing the player who made the exposure?

A) You can face the tiles either way. It is totally up to you. There is no rule.

Q) Are there any rules requiring the ‘players’ to play for money?

A) There is no rule requiring that you play for money. It is a decision that is up to your group.  Some groups do and... read more

Q) If someone has a dead fully exposed hand, can the rest of the players take jokers from the dead exposed hand or no?

A) Yes, Only if the exposures were before being called dead.

Q) Can you swap a tile for a joker-in an exposed hand and then use that joker to call for Mah Jongg?

A) Yes, and it is considered a self picked mahjongg, so it pays double.

Q) Is there a rule that you can’t write anything on your Mah Jongg Card except your name?

A) There is no such rule. You can do anything you want on your card it belongs to you.

Q) It is your turn and you’ve picked up a tile from the wrong end of the wall. Now what?

A) You can put the tile back in the wall as long as you haven’t racked the tile or discarded.

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