Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions

Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions


Q) Can I pass a Joker during the Charleston?

A) No. Jokers are NEVER, EVER allowed to be passed during the Charleston.

Q) What happens when you pick from the wrong side of the wall?

A) As long as you haven’t racked that tile or discarded, you can just put that tile back in the wall and then pick from... read more

Q) What happens when 2 players at the same time call Mah Jongg with the same discarded tile to win the game?

A: The player next in turn would take priority over anyone else and get the Mah Jongg.

Q) If a player discards a tile …can another player call it and then use that discarded tile to redeem a joker from another player’s exposure?

A) A discarded tile can NEVER, NEVER be called and then instantly used to exchange for a joker in an exposure.

Q) If you call a tile, expose it with 2 like tiles and a joker, then realize you only need 3, is it allowed to put the joker back in your hand if you have not yet discarded?

A) Yes… if you make a mistake and expose a Kong instead of a Pung, you can correct your error and change your exposure as... read more

Q) If player 1, 2 and 3 all have exposed jokers up on their racks… can player 4 make tile exchanges and take all three jokers from the other players during their turn?

A) Absolutely, you can exchange tiles for as many jokers as you can during your turn. Enjoy…there is no limit, but be prepared to hear... read more

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