Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions

Answers to All your Mah Jongg Questions


Q) What happens when you pick from the wrong side of the wall?

A) As long as you haven’t racked that tile or discarded, you can just put that tile back in the wall and then pick from... read more

Q) When you draw a tile from the wall and then exchange it in your own exposure for your own Joker…do you need to verbalize the exchange?

A) It’s good form to always say out loud that you are exchanging for your own joker.

Q) When you pick your tile, is there any reason to ‘click’ (or tap) the tile on your rack before racking it?

A) Clicking or tapping your tile on your rack is not racking your tile. It can be annoying to some. The only way to rack... read more

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