Answers to Your Mah Jongg Questions

Answers to Your Mah Jongg Questions

Q) Can I call my own hand dead?

A) You should never call your hand dead. Keep playing defensively until someone else calls you dead.

Q) Can I use a Joker in a 2018 or NEWS grouping?

A) No…They are considered to be a singles grouping.

Q) Can you exchange a Joker if you are playing a closed hand?

A) Yes…you can do a Joker exchange if you are playing an open or a closed hand.

Q) What is the best way to do a Joker exchange?

A) You should say that you are exchanging for a Joker. Next…show that player the replacement tile and wait for the Joker to be handed... read more

Q) When does a player have to take the tile from the wall?

A) A player has to take the tile if he/she has moved that tile in any way. If the player has just touched the tile... read more

Q) Can I pass a Joker during the Charleston?

A) No. Jokers are NEVER, EVER allowed to be passed during the Charleston.

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